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Are you looking for a way to get your Church an internet presence or would you like your website to have a makeover?

Marble Web Design, can help whatever your situation, needs or budget.

A church website enables you to easily and proudly share information about you, your beliefs and your activities in the wider community with an internet family of friends, members, visitors and new families moving to an area, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

A church website can act as a valuable communications tool, offering easily accessible information on the diary dates, newsletters, staff/pastor details, financial information or an unimaginable number of pages.

We can help you to design a website that you and your church can be proud of. A site that represents the vision, mission and ethos of the church, as you want to portray it.

All of our websites are built from scratch with your churches, image and identity in mind, after close consultation with you. The content is generally provided by you although we can help support you in the writing and proof reading of text.

Each of our websites is designed to load quickly, and be simple for visitors to navigate and use whilst not cutting corners on design and conforming to compatibility and accessibility issues. There is a delicate balance between graphics which enhance user appreciation of a site without hindering usability, which we aim to find with every site. We can also help you to find suitable images and digital photographs should you require this service.

A simple, effective and up to date website gives a very positive impression. However, an out of date website with large amounts of missing information gives a very poor impression, irrespective of the website design. Marble Web Design can help to minimise this problem by supporting you with a website maintenance agreement.

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Here we are giving a flavour of the pages which you may like to have on your new church website. Some you may think aren’t for you right now – but others may be there which would be useful to your staff, members and friends which you hadn’t thought of in the past. If there are pages you’d like which aren’t in this list, do not worry. We will piece together all of your requirements during our early consultations.

Home Page

Church logo, welcome message, advertise latest events

Church Mission

Mission, vision, philosophy

Church Aims

Show website visitors what your church aims are


Weekly, Monthly or Termly newsletters

Latest News

Recent events, Up coming events, Community Issues, What’s been going on in church


Meetings, events and diary dates

What we believe

Tell visitors what your church stands for and what you believe

How we operate

Details on how church operates


Containing information on the various policies you have in church including welfare and
Child protection downloadable or readable policies via the site


Any youth, students or other clubs associated with church


Who’s who – profiles and pictures for staff are friends of the church


Times of services and the themes being studied

Membership Info

Information for potential members and members


Church in the Community/History of the church


Any opportunities in church


Map of the locality and how to find church

Cell or Small Group

Non Sunday meetings with details and contact information

Useful Links

Useful church links for visitors


Stories from friends and family from amongst the church


Details of a course or other evangelistic events

Work Showcase

A chance to display the good work done in church during Sunday school or community events

Private section

A private pass worded area for staff or members


Save time by answering frequently asked question on the website

Contact information

Contact details, email address, contact phone numbers, mailing address

Contact us for more information on how we could help you to create an impressive and effective web presence for your school!