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Are you starting a new business, needing a website for your company or looking to freshen up and improve the website you have?

Whether you are looking for a website simply as a professional introduction to your company, an online brochure and advertising material or a more complicated online store with full online payment systems, Marble Web Design can help you.

We offer free consultations, and honest advice, to talk you through the process from initial idea conception to website launch and beyond. Our aim is to create a website which displays your company in the right, professional manner and giving you and your clients’ functionality, usability and accessibility

Why have a website?

A professionally designed website that has relevant and important information about your products or services can help to position your company in the eyes of your market. By showing both customers and potential customers that you are knowledgeable and up to date in your field, you give them added confidence in your company and the services that you offer.

If your business is not online then you can put yourself at a disadvantage to your competitors that do have an internet presence. It is now common place for people to use the internet to do research about products or services before they go to buy them.

A website gives you an opportunity to explain your services and highlight your results via case studies and testimonies. Through your Web site, any potential customer can find more information at their convenience, on their terms, without obligation.

Detailed online product information replaces the need for lengthy explanatory phone calls in many cases and can reduce misunderstandings. Furthermore with a website, you can lower printing and distribution costs for letters and brochures. Just direct the potential customers to your website for more details about your product or service.

By putting your website on all of your advertisements, brochures, literature, and business cards, you can give your customers a way to learn more about your company and products. Potentially leading to business you may not have otherwise been able to obtain. It is much easier to go to a website to have questions answered than it is to call or visit your company. It allows your customers to “shop” at there convenience and with no pressure to buy.

If you need to provide updated information to customers and potential customers on a regular basis, make price changes or other important changes to your advertising it can be done much quicker and cheaper on your website/online newsletter than any printed materials. This also makes much of existing printed material obsolete.

If your business publishes public reports such as annual reports or earnings reports, these reports can be easily posted on your website, saving you both time and money when it comes to mail outs and printing.

What about search engines?

Our aim is that all of our websites will achieve a naturally high search ranking. By using keywords rich content throughout, designing the website code to be suitable for search engine robots and advising clients on the benefits of links and other methods of achieving a good ranking.

Are there maintenance packages available?

Should you not wish to have the time consuming and sometimes complicated task of maintaining and updating your website, why not think about allowing us to maintain it for you? We will tailor updating packages to suit your requirements and budget.

What about the content and image of the site?

All of our websites are built from scratch with your companies, image and corporate identity in mind, after close consultation with our clients. The content is generally provided by you although we can help support you in the writing and proof reading of the text.

Each of our websites is designed to load quickly, and be simple for customers to navigate and use whilst not cutting corners on design and conforming to compatibility and accessibility issues. There is a delicate balance between graphics which enhance user appreciation of a site without hindering usability, which we aim to find with every site. We can also help you to find suitable images and digital photographs should you require this service.

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Here we are giving a flavour of the pages which you may like to have on your new website. Some you may think aren’t for you right now – but others may be there which would be useful to your employees, clients and other interested parties, which you hadn’t thought of in the past. If there are pages you’d like which aren’t in this list, do not worry. We will piece together all of your requirements during our early consultations.


Welcome page
Who we are
What we do
Opening hours


Latest news


Launch of new products/services

Products On Sale

Online cataloguing with product specifications

Badges, Trademarks, Kite Marks

Badges and logo’s showing important standards the company has met

Meet The Team

Pictures and profiles of company staff

Firm Mission/Philosophy

Company mission statement

Terms & Conditions

Company terms and conditions


What to do in the event of receiving faulty goods


Employment opportunities


How to find you

Useful Websites

Suppliers, manufacturers

Services Offered

Other services the firm offers

Customer Help/Support

Advice and support for customers


Price list
Payment methods
Carriage charges

Contact Page

Business address
Contact phone numbers
Contact email addresses or online enquiry form

Would you like to know more about how having a Marble Web Design website could help you and your company to grow and serve your clients? Allow us to come and talk you through the process. Click here for our contact details.